Bamboo Facts & Care

Ecologically responsible, Earth-Friendly Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on our planet Earth. One of the worlds most renewable "green" resources, Bamboo is 16% harder than maple, non-absorbent and resists knife scarring, bacteria, shrinking & warping.

Please note: The laser engraving process adds a unique depth and contrast. We do not add any harsh chemical paints, stains or lacquer finishes. We use only natural "Howard Cutting Board Oil" to condition the Bamboo which enhances the color and grain and helps to protect the surface during food preparation and clean up.

Bamboo is a 100% NATURAL MATERIAL and its grain and overall appearance may vary from light to dark areas after the laser engraving process is complete. This natural variation of grain and shade is a normal trait of eco-friendly Bamboo. We believe it not only adds to but far surpasses in beauty and character when being compared with mass produced printed products.

How to care for your Eco-Friendly Bamboo Cutting Board

After food preparation wash bamboo with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly after cleaning. Dry your bamboo thoroughly.  Bamboo is NOT dishwasher safe and NEVER SOAK your bamboo as this will cause it to warp. 

To preserve the natural beauty of your bamboo condition it periodically with a "Food Grade Mineral Oil" such as "Howard Cutting Board Oil"available for purchase at your local home improvement store or online.